Decarbonization Seminar

Brandon Gipper

SO 318, Schloss Ostflügel

The Decarbonization Seminar hosts speakers and participants from academia and industry to discuss latest advances and challenges associated with the transition towards a decarbonized energy economy. Topics include the economics and management of sustainable energy technologies in the energy sector, clean energy transportation services, and carbon-free manufacturing processes.

The seminar is jointly sponsored by the Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies (MISES) and the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW). The organizing team is comprised of Amadeus Bach (MISES), Gunther Glenk (MISES), Marion Ott (ZEW), and Nikolas Wölfing (MISES). In case of questions and suggestions, please contact Yvonne Münch.

To join in person, just come to the room SO 318 (i.e., in the castle, building Schloss Ostflügel, level 3, room 18). To join virtually, please register in advance using this link.

Speaker Bio
Brandon Gipper completed his PhD at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2016. He earned a BS in economics and mathematics and a master in accounting from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Brandon’s primary research focuses on empirical accounting topics, including the effects of disclosure on corporate governance, regulatory interaction in the audit industry, and accounting standard setting, as well as economic questions related to auditing, the firm’s information environment, and capital formation.

Admission information
The seminar is open to the public. To receive invitations for upcoming seminar talks, please sign up for the mailing list via this form.