Deutschlandticket available as of 1 May

Information from the VRN

The transport company VRN provides the following information:

“The Deutschlandticket will be available as of 1 May 2023. The ticket is valid for short-range public transportation throughout Germany and costs EUR 49 per month. The subscription can be canceled on a monthly basis. Our website provides you with all information on the new ticket: (in German).

Students who would like to buy the Deutschlandticket should consider the following:

  • Students at higher education institutions with semester tickets pay a base fare for their ticket including or excluding evening and weekend services. We do not offer upgrades, i.e., a deduction of the base fare from the price of the Deutschlandticket is not possible.
  • Students who have already bought a semester ticket or extension semester ticket: If you change to the Deutschlandticket, your semester ticket can only be reimbursed provided the general regulations on return and reimbursement according to section 10 (3) of VRN’s conditions of carriage (VRN Beförderungsbedingungen) are met. According to the regulations, until you return your semester ticket and per day of use, two five-way tickets in tariff zone 2 (extension semester ticket: two single tickets in tariff zone 5) are deducted from the price of the semester ticket. Only the difference amount is reimbursed.
  • Students with a VRN JugendticketBW: You can change to the Deutschlandticket even before the end of the first year of the contract at no extra charge. If you change back from the Deutschlandticket to the VRN JugendticketBW, the contract term for the VRN JugendticketBW recommences.”