Photo credit: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg

Dr. Maximilian Merath Receives Südwestmetall Award for Early-Stage Researchers

The researcher at the University of Mannheim’s Business School has received the award for his doctoral dissertation on “Decision Making in Supply Risk and Supply Disruption Management”.

Dr. Maximilian Merath is one of eight early-stage researchers in Baden-Württemberg to be given the award of the employers’ association Südwestmetall. He received the award which is worth 5,000 euros on November 4, 2020.

In his doctoral dissertation at the Endowed Chair of Procurement, he looks at the risks in supply chains which are substantial challenges for companies. The dissertation shows the importance of reactive risk management. Reacting is often seen as clumsy since it seems to indicate a company’s failure to proactively handle an identified risk. However, adjusting supply chains in accordance with specific risk factors is often very expensive and the risk reduction achieved by such adjustments is often difficult to measure. In addition, some risks remain, even with the most extensive proactive approach. In his dissertation, Merath shows how reactive risk management can close this gap.

Südwestmetall has been honoring excellent dissertations of early-stage researchers which have special significance to the industrial world of work or its socio-political parameters for more than 30 years.