First Issue of “MZES Fokus” Examines the Behavior of Young People During the Pandemic

The new series “MZES Fokus”, published by the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, primarily addresses target groups outside academia. The first issue focuses on the behavior of young adults during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first issue with the title “Junge Erwachsene und die Pandemie: Erkenntnisse der CILS4COVID-Befragung” covers the topic of young adults and the coronavirus pandemic and presents the results from the CILS4COVID survey. The MZES researchers argue that it is often wrong to assume that the behavior of young people is problematic. They predominantly showed responsibility and concern for others.

Contributions that mainly deal with topics related to practice and issues of daily politics will be the focus of the new series. This novel format addresses primarily decision-makers in politics, business, and society, and the interested public and civil society. The interdisciplinary institute intends to use this format to make research findings quickly and directly available to people outside academia, and thus contribute to a science-based, broad social debate.

“MZES Fokus” will be published at irregular intervals. Subscribe here: fokus The latest issue is available here: