FlyingLess: Survey on flight reduction

As at other universities, air travel accounts for a significant proportion of our university's greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, air travel is closely linked to essential elements of academic exchange, such as conference attendance.

In order to deal responsibly with this tension, the University of Mannheim joined the FlyingLess project last year as a so-called “satellite” by a rectorate resolution. This project – led by the ifeu Institute for Energy and Environmental Research in Heidelberg and TdLab Geographie at the University of Heidelberg – supports universities and research organizations in assessing ways to reduce air travel.

This year, the Vice President for Sustainability and Information Provision is again conducting a survey on flight reduction at academic institutions in cooperation with the project. The survey is designed to provide insights into the behavior and specific perspectives and opinions of members of the university on academically motivated air travel. Vice President Professor Fleischmann kindly asks you to participate in this survey. Your response is very important in assessing the potential and appropriateness of various policies.

Students can access the survey via the following link: and employees via the following link:

Answering the questions will take approximately 10 minutes.