Interdisciplinary lecture series “Data Science in Action”

For the first time, the Mannheim Center for Data Science and the European University ENGAGE.EU organized a lecture series in the fall-winter semester of 2022, representing the broad spectrum of application areas of data science.

The lecture series on “Data Science in Action” was organized by Mannheim professors Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Chair of Artificial Intelligence, and Henning Hillmann, Chair of Economic and Organizational Sociology. Every Thursday at noon, an online lecture was held on an application area of data science, in which renowned scientists reported on their research and discussed it with the participants.

Two professors from the Université Toulouse participated: Umberto Grandi spoke on “Computational social choice and algorithmic game theory” and Laurent Perrussel on “Automated Mechanism Design”. Irene Finocchi, Professor for Computer Science at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome provided an overview of developments and trends in data science over the past thirty years. Université Toulouse and LUISS Guido Carli University are partner universities of the University of Mannheim within ENGAGE.EU.

From Mannheim,  professors of the Business School Dirk Ifenthaler, Florian Stahl and Moritz Fleischmann provided insights into the research topics of learning analytics, data-driven supply chain planning and the use of computer vision in advertising. With Richard Traunmüller and Georg Alpers, experts from political science and psychology were also represented in the lecture series. Simone Ponzetto and Heiko Paulheim from the Mannheim Faculty of Information Systems and Business Mathematics explained, among other things, the role of knowledge graphs in modern AI systems. Theresa Naab and Hartmut Wessler from Media and Communication Sciences and Andreas Witt from the Leibniz Institute for German Language showed that Data Science also plays an important role in the humanities.

Interested Master students, doctoral students and students from the ENGAGE.EU program were cordially invited to participate.