Alumna Karoline Glaser holds the junior professorship for Business Informatics, esp. Management Analytics, at the TU Dresen

In August, Karoline Glaser defended her dissertation entitled “Essays on Contemporary Enterprise Systems Development“ to complete her doctoral studies. She worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Enterprise Systems (Professor Hartmut Höhle) from January 2018 to August 2022. Now, she has been appointed by the TU Dresden. There, Karoline Glaser holds the junior professorship for Business Information Systems, esp. Management Analytics since September 2022.

In her research, Karoline Glaser is particularly interested in the implications of different software development environments, approaches, and product characteristics related to data analytics for software providers and their development outcomes. Especially, the characteristics of data analytics applications, such as the required integration of large amounts of data and machine learning functionalities, entails challenges for systems development. As analytics applications are often implemented for data-driven decision making, their development and implementation entails high interactions and interrelationships between developers, the application itself and potential users. She pursues the goal to understand and explain why and how such interactions occur and unfold, and what their implications are. At the same time, data analytics entails new challenges for the development of such systems. The effective and efficient organization of these activities through integrated development methods thus becomes a potential source of competitive advantage. 

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