Kooperationsprobleme des Klimaschutzes & Pariser Abkommen

Dr. Barbara Hendriks

SN 169

A presentation that is part of the “Climate Change Lecture Series” (original title: Ringvorlesung Klimawandel) by the AStA and the student organization 'Plurale Ökonomik'

The aim of the lecture series is to examine the topic of climate change from a variety of angles: from scientific fundamentals to social science aspects to theoretical and practical solution strategies.

The event is open for anyone interested. Registration is not required.
The presentations will take place in room SN 169. The whole lecture series is scheduled to take place in person. The event consists of a presentation of about an hour followed by a discussion.

The presentation on Wednesday, 28 September, at 7 pm is going to be held by Dr. Barbara Hendricks in German. For more information concerning this event, the speakers and the lecture series, please visit the website of the AStA.