Laptop Donation for Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship Holders

The Mannheimer Versicherung AG has donated ten laptops for students of the University of Mannheim.

Without laptops, it would not be possible to earn a degree in today’s digital world but not every student is able to afford one. Some students of the University of Mannheim are using borrowed laptops. Waiting periods and return deadlines are an additional burden for those students. “This was why Mannheimer Versicherung AG decided to donate laptops to offer these students more digital security and to increase their chances of graduating,” says Alf N. Schlegel, member of the board of trustees of the University of Mannheim Foundation (board of directors of Mannheimer Versicherung AG)

Sabrina Scherbarth, the volunteer managing director of the University of Mannheim Foundation, supports the donation process. “I am very happy about the donation of Mannheimer Versicherung AG and want to express my thanks, also in the name of the students,” says Scherbarth. She will provide the laptops, after checking the demand and the eligibility, to Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship holders, who do not own their own device.

Since 2018, the University of Mannheim Foundation supports students in emergency situations with the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship so that they can successfully complete their degree.