Mannheimer Open Science Meetup for Students

Leonhard Volz, University of Amasterdam

ExpLAB Schloss Schneckenhof

The Mannheim Open Science Meetup initiative invites interested students to the Open Science Event.

The Open Science discourse often centers around tools and practices for academic researchers. Unfortunately, students’ (i.e., undergraduates’) education is usually rather an afterthought, than the main focus. As a reaction, student-led initiatives aim to enrich education with extra-curricular opportunities and try to facilitate broader discussions around structural changes to education with students in mind.

Research master’s student Leonhard Volz has been engaged in various Open Science student organizations over the years and will present lessons learned in these years of engagement, focusing on how to structure and include student-focussed Open Science education on different organizational levels of academia. Afterwards, we will dive into a discussion round: What are the best ways to reach students with Open Science? How can students actively engage in Open Science?

After the Meetup there will be a the the opportunity to have dinner with the speaker and the group. Registration for this is possible here.