New Electric Car for the University Post Office

By buying another electric car, the share of electric cars in the vehicle fleet of the University of Mannheim has risen to 50 percent. From now on, the employees of the university post office will use the car to collect the university mail from the various institutions on campus and to distribute the mail.

Two times a day, employees of the post office will use the new Mercedes eVito to tour the campus and will drive from the University IT in L15 to the Institute of Sports at the Parkring. In addition, they will also drive to the mail logistics centers in town.

Division VI, responsible for logistics and organization, has bought the new electric car not only for sustainability reasons. “An electric car is ideal for short trips on campus which would be rather damaging to a car with gas or Diesel engine”, says Hubert Tomesch, head of the division. The purchasing price of an electric car is higher than the price for a gas-powered car but it is cheaper to run an electric car. A charging station to charge two cars simultaneously has also been set up. Here, the high-voltage battery can be fully charged in about six hours. The new charging station is the basis for more e-mobility at the university. “Making all processes as sustainable as possible has always been very important to division VI”, says Hubert Tomesch.

The white van in the fleet replaces an older, gas-powered Volkswagen Transporter. The University now has two electric cars and two gas-powered cars in its garage. The first electric car has been purchased four years ago. The University Library uses this car for transporting books.

For more information on sustainability at the University of Mannheim, please go to Sustainability at the University of Mannheim