University of Mannheim: Standing up for Democracy and the Rule of Law

Statement from 25 January 2024

As a state institution, the University of Mannheim is politically neutral, yet by no means indifferent to political developments: We are deeply concerned about extremist tendencies and an increasing radicalization of parts of our society, a trend that also endangers the foundations of our academic system.

That is why we take a stand for our Basic Law and its commitment to

  • liberal democracy,
  • the rule of law,
  • fundamental rights, in particular human dignity and the prohibition of discrimination,
  • international cooperation, international understanding, and a united Europe

as the foundations of an open and tolerant society and the peaceful and respectful coexistence of people. We strongly condemn extremism in any form, stand against hatred, intolerance, and discrimination, and encourage civic commitment to our constitutional order – as can be seen in the numerous demonstrations currently taking place.

The University of Mannheim is a place where diversity is celebrated – and which thrives on diversity. Whether it be origin, religion, ideology, identity, sexual orientation, ability or age: The diversity of our students, researchers, and staff members is both vital and valuable. And it is essential that this diversity is sustained in the future both at our university and in society. This is what we commit ourselves to.