Stefan Reichelstein at the Cluster Umwelt & Energie

At the anniversary event of the Cluster Umwelt & Energie, Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, Stefan Reichelstein presented a keynote address on “The increasing importance of hydrogen for a decarbonized energy economy” in May 2023.

The Umwelt & Energie Cluster is an alliance of about 100 companies, particularly energy utilities, research institutions, universities, municipal actors as well as intermediaries and multipliers in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, which is active in the field of energy and environmental economics. The purpose of the network is to create transparency, enable networking, promote cooperation and build trust. The goal is to help shape regional development, initiate transformation processes, increase the competitiveness of the alliance and create public awareness. The current focus is on hydrogen, the bioeconomy, sustainable mobility and construction and renovation.