University of Mannheim Honors Outstanding Teaching Achievements

This year’s Teaching Awards go to a professor from the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics and a teacher from the School of Humanities. With the Teaching Awards, the University of Mannheim honors their outstanding teaching performance.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, teaching at universities has been mostly virtual for more than a year. This is a special challenge not only for students but also for teachers that they tackle with innovative teaching concepts and great commitment. As in previous years, many outstanding concepts were submitted to be considered for the Teaching Award of the University of Mannheim. Two teachers distinguished themselves by motivating their students with thoughtful teaching models and achieving outstanding learning results. Prof. Dr. Daniel Roggenkamp, holder of the chair of Mathematical Physics, receives the Teaching Award in the category “Professors”. In the category “Mid-Level Faculty Members Holding a Doctoral Degree and Junior Professors“, the Teaching Award is conferred to Dr. Caroline Mary, head of the French editorial office in the department of Linguistics and Media Studies.

It is expected that the award winners receive the Teaching Awards on the Universitätstag in the fall of 2021.

More information on the award-winning teachers

For the award-winning concept, Prof. Dr. Daniel Roggenkamp has completely revised and digitized the basic lecture on linear algebra. In the new inverted-classroom format, the lecture is replaced by thematically structured video clips. Students are able to watch the videos, which are embedded in the lecture script, at any time. During the actual lecture, there is time for questions and in-depth discussions. Students can submit their questions in advance in a forum or ask their questions spontaneously. There is also a help desk that means extensive consultation hours in which tutors help students with their homework.

The concept “collaborative, performative and intercultural language acquisition – from the (virtual) seminar room to a traveling exhibition in three acts” (“Kollaborativer, performativer und interkultureller Spracherwerb – vom (virtuellen) Seminarraum zur Wanderausstellung in drei Akten“) was developed by Dr. Caroline Mary. The aim is to support students in developing personal and social competencies, while acquiring language skills. At the beginning of the seminar, the students focus on acquiring knowledge independently and interactively, for example in teamwork, role-plays and problem-oriented group discussions in French. Afterwards, the students apply the acquired knowledge through proactive participation in projects led by Dr. Mary. Together they create an bilingual traveling exhibition on the challenges that society faces in today’s digital world. In the final phase of the seminar, the students talk to experts with practical experience. Here, the focus is on the transfer of knowledge while looking beyond the university’s horizon.