#UNPINKED – The global LGBTIQ+ Diversity Conferenz at 15 September

Pride month is over and the rainbow colors have quickly disappeared from company logos. But what are best practices to promote genuine appreciation and equal opportunities for LGBTIQ+ people? To facilitate international knowledge transfer, UHLALA Group presents the second edition of #UNPINKED | The Global LGBTIQ+ Diversity Conference, coming this September 15.

On 15 September from 12 to 6 PM, the second edition of #UNPINKED – The UHLALA Group Global LGBTIQ+ Diversity Conference – will take place for students and colleagues.

This year, over 50 speakers from 20+ countries will come together to share their knowledge, experiences and strategies around LGBTIQ+ in the workplace. 
Participation in #UNPINKED is free of charge, you just have to register yourself to participate from anywhere due to the online format.

At the one-day conference, visitors will have the chance to:

  • Meet LGBTIQ+ experts, activists and role models
  • Learn about challenges and best practices in LGBTIQ+ diversity management
  • Gain inspiration through constructive storytelling
  • Expand their network and existing knowledge
  • Learn about tools for HR and diversity management

For more information on talks and panels, please see the #UNPINKED programme.