Senate of the University of Mannheim Has Elected New Vice Presidents / Digitalization and Diversity Will Be Integrated More Deeply into the Work of the President's Office

• Professor Dr. Jutta Mata, Professor Dr. Heiko Paulheim and Professor Dr. Cornelia Ruhe will become new members of the President's Office on 1 October 2024

• Professor Dr. Moritz Fleischmann has been re-elected


On 1 October, Professor Dr. Thomas Fetzer’s term as new President of the University of Mannheim will begin. The four Vice Presidents who will form the new President's Office, together with Professor Fetzer and the Executive Vice President, Dr. Katrin Schoppa-Bauer, have now been elected, On 17 April 2024, the Senate of the University of Mannheim, has elected Professor Dr. Jutta Mata, as Vice President for Research and Career Paths in Academia, Professor Dr. Heiko Paulheim as Vice President for Digitalization, Equal Opportunity and Diversity and Professor Dr. Cornelia Ruhe as Vice President for Student Affairs and Teaching. Professor Dr. Moritz, who has taken over the office of the Vice President for Sustainability and Information Provision in January 2023, has been re-elected. In his new term, he will be responsible for Sustainability and International Affairs.

“I am looking forward to working with the new members of the President’s Office. I am convinced that with this team, the university is ideally equipped for the challenges ahead. I am very happy that I was able to recruit four experienced colleagues from different disciplines to work together to further advance the university’s success,” says the designated President, Professor Dr. Thomas Fetzer. “By integrating digitalization into the President's Office for the first time, we are taking current developments into account and prepare the President's Office for the future. Digitalization will become even more important in research, teaching, and transfer,” Fetzer continues. ““Diversity in various dimensions has been an important extension of our equal opportunity work for some time now and should also be deeply integrated into the work of the President’s Office.”

The three-year term of office of the elected Vice Presidents will begin on 1 October 2024.

Professor Dr. Jutta Mata and Professor Dr. Cornelia Ruhe will replace Professor Henning Hillmann, Ph.D. (Research and Early-Stage Researchers) and Professor Dr. Annette Kehnel (Student Affairs and Teaching), whose term of office will regularly end on 30 September 2024.

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