Voice interviewing project accepted into MZES work program

“Standardized Audio and Voice Interviewing (SAVI): Digital Innovations in Survey Data Collection and Analysis”, a project co-directed by Prof. Blom and Dr. Höhne has been accepted into the MZES work program.

The project is currently conducting a pilot study and will start full operation in January 2020. The aim of this project is the development of methods that enable the fusion of survey data with text analytics to enrich population data available for social scientists. For this purpose, the project investigates the technological feasibility and methodological properties of Standardized Audio and Voice Interviewing (SAVI), i.e. the automated question reading and answer recording, transcription, coding, and analysis of open answer formats in mobile web surveys. The recent technological developments for surveys on mobile devices offer new data collection opportunities, which thus far remained underexploited. One such field of opportunities is expanding standardized interviewing from questions with closed answer formats of rigid scales and predefined answer options to SAVI for questions with open answer formats. The use and informative value of open answer formats previously depended on the writing and keying motivations of the respondents and the time and financial resources of the researchers. This project investigates whether current developments in computer science and data science allow the automated production of high-quality data through SAVI in mobile web surveys.