Winter Lights

With their “Winter Lights” [Winterlichter] fundraising campaign, the University of Mannheim Foundation supports outstanding and socially involved students at the University of Mannheim.

For the third year in a row, donations to the “Winter Lights” fundraiser lit up virtual castle windows and doors, stars, and Christmas trees one by one throughout the Christmas season.These donations to the University of Mannheim Foundation will be used to fund Deutschland Scholarships that benefit students who display exceptional talents and dedication in the 2023 academic year. “The Deutschland Scholarship is a federally funded program that supports gifted students and aims to give them financial freedom to promote their social involvement,” said Sabrina Scherbarth, the managing director of the University of Mannheim Foundation. She summed up this year's fundraiser: “Due to people’s willingness to donate to the Winter Lights campaign, we are able to fund three additional scholarships in 2023.”

Text: Redaktion/May 2023