The University of Mannheim Is Now on Mastodon

In May, the University of Mannheim launched an account on the decentralized microblogging platform Mastodon.

The university shares several posts (or “toots” as they’re known on Mastodon) a week, on topics such as Mannheim’s results in university rankings or awards won by researchers, students, staff, or alumni. It also toots about research findings, successful funding applications, ongoing projects, and university events.

About Mastodon:  

Mastodon is a social media platform with a decentralized, privacy-minded design. Registered users can use the site free of charge to share short posts (“toots”) with a maximum length of 500 characters. The toots are generally visible to everyone, not just registered users.

Text: Luisa Gebhardt / October 2022

You can follow us on Mastodon at @unimannheim@bawü.social.