Press Releases 2019


17 December 2019
Men are more likely than women to call their science “excellent”
Male scientists more likely than female colleagues to use language framing their research findings as “excellent”, “novel” and “unique”. These are the findings of an analysis led by an international team of researchers at the University of Mannheim, the Harvard Medical School, and Yale University, published Dec. 16 in BMJ.

2 December 2019
Psychology in Mannheim Leads Nationwide in CHE Ranking of Master’s Programs
In a recent student survey conducted as part of the ranking of master’s programs of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE), the master’s program in Psychology at the University of Mannheim ranks in the leading group in all categories.


13 November 2019
Production Costs for Carbon-Free Hydrogen Significantly Lower Than Previously Assumed
The Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies (MISES) of the University of Mannheim organized a conference in cooperation with the newly founded research center Hydrogen.Bavaria (H2.B) at the Energie Campus Nürnberg (EnCN) to discuss the potential of hydrogen in a decarbonized economy.


14 October 2019
Six Components of Healthy Family Meals
Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the University of Mannheim have evaluated studies examining the quality of family meals.


30 September 2019
Annual Review: University Highly Successful in Research but Facing New Challenges
Over the past academic year, the University of Mannheim was not only remarkably successful in its extensive research activities, but also able to maintain its position in national and international rankings. During the annual press conference, Prof. Puhl, President of the University of Mannheim and Barbara Windscheid, Executive Vice President, took stock of the past academic year and looked ahead at upcoming challenges.


28 May 2019
University of Mannheim: Germany’s First Collaborative Research Center/Transregio Focusing on Business Administration
Accounting, taxation and corporate transparency – these are the core topics of the first Collaborative Research Center/Transregio (TRR) with an exclusive focus on Business Administration.Collaborating partners are, amongst others, the University of Mannheim, Paderborn University as the host university and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


18 April 2019
Choosing the right set-up for corporate volunteering – Insights from the DAX30
The report of the joint study between the University of Mannheim and Beyond Philanthropy „Choosing the right set-up for corporate volunteering – Insights from the DAX30“ is now available in English.