CHE University Ranking

The CHE University Ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed university ranking in German-speaking countries. More than 300 higher education institutions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands are regularly assessed by the Centre for Higher Education (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung). In addition to looking at facts relating to programs of study, teaching, equipment, and research, the ranking also takes student opinions on the study conditions at their institution into account. Each year, one third of the subjects are assessed. The outcome is published online at and in the print edition of the ZEIT-Studienführer.

  • Economics

    When it comes to Economics, the University of Mannheim received the most top scores nationwide. It is ranked among the top entries in 18 categories, and did extremely well in terms of research and teaching. It was successful in categories such as “research reputation”, “third-party funds per academic”, “overall study situation”, “international orientation, master’s”, “support during the study entry phase”, and “graduations in appropriate time”.

  • Business Administration

    In 2017, Business Administration at the University of Mannheim was ranked among the top entries in 15 categories. The Business School received top scores for “research reputation”, “overall study situation”, “international orientation”, “graduations in appropriate time”, and “support for stays abroad”. It was ranked very well in the remaining categories.

  • Law

    In 2017, Law did especially well with regards to teaching, and received top scores in eleven of the 19 categories, including “overall study situation”, “teacher support” and “career orientation”.

  • Business Informatics

    The master’s program in Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim achieved top positions in the “research orientation” and “career orientation” categories in the 2017 ranking. In the other categories, the program was ranked towards the middle.

  • Psychology

    In 2019, the University of Mannheim confirmed its position as one of the leading institutions in Germany for Psychology. It was the best university in terms of points awarded – being ranked as one of the top institutions in 15 of 21 categories. No other higher education institution received top scores in so many individual categories. The Department of Psychology in Mannheim received the highest scores in the “overall study situation”, “teacher support”, “support for stays abroad”, and “career orientation” categories, among others. The University of Mannheim is also in the top group of institutions in the “support during the study entry phase – overall score” and “research orientation” categories.

    In the student survey for the 2020 CHE ranking of master's programs, the University of Mannheim even ranks as the best university nationwide. No other German university managed to achieve top scores from students in all categories.

  • Humanities

    The Humanities at the University of Mannheim have also achieved excellent results in the recent edition of the CHE Ranking (2022). The bachelor's and master's programs “Culture and Economy: German Studies” and “Culture and Economy: Romance Studies”, the bachelor's program in “German Studies: Language, Literature, Media” and “Romance Studies: Language, Literature, Media”, and the master's program in “Intercultural German Studies” have been analyzed. Overall, the degree programs at the School of Humanities have received top grades in the main category “organization of studies” and for its services for first-year students.

  • Political Science

    With its bachelor’s program in Political Science, the University of Mannheim ranked among the best three public universities in the 2018 CHE University Ranking. Student opinions confirm that the overall study situation at the university is very good. It has also received top grades in other categories, such as “scholars’ reputation”, “international orientation”, “support for stays abroad”, and “career guidance services”.