Application Deadlines

The application deadlines for our bachelor's and master's programs differ.


An application for our bachelor's programs is only possible for fall semesters.

Application for all our master's programs is possible for fall semesters. Some master's programs are additionally offered for spring semesters.


Application Deadlines


When exactly should I apply for a degree program?

Please apply as early as possible, but please only apply once you have collected all documents required for the application.

Please also ensure that you apply during the application periods, which correspond to the program you are interested in. Applications and letters of admission cannot be transferred and as such, are not valid for other semesters. If you reject your study place, you must reapply for admission. In such a case, you are not given any preferential treatment, nor are you put at a disadvantage. An exception to this is if you delay accepting your bachelor's study place as you are completing an official volunteer service (find out more about preferential admission).