Selecting Courses and Recognition of Examinations and Coursework

If possible, studying abroad should not have a negative effect on the time you need to complete your degree. You should therefore make sure that you choose a partner university that offers enough courses that can be recognized for your program at the University of Mannheim.

While Applying

While researching possible host universities, you can already find out about the courses offered in past semesters by reading the reports of former exchange students, before the current course catalog is available.

After your placement and before you leave

As soon as you know which university you will be attending, selecting courses becomes more concrete. In the semester before your stay abroad, get in touch with your department and let them advise you on the different courses and their recognition. Make sure to conclude a Learning Agreement that contains the courses you are planning on taking and the confirmation of their recognition by the department. This document is your guarantee for the recognition of your courses. Don’t lose it!

During your first weeks abroad

It’s likely that you will need to make changes to your course selection after your arrival. For example, two courses may take place at the same time or the number of participants is limited and you didn’t get in. In this case, you can change your course selection, confirm it with your department and document it in the Learning Agreement.

Learning Agreements

Nearly every department has created their own Learning Agreement forms. Ask your departmental exchange coordinator.

For Erasmus programs you need to use the so-called Erasmus Learning Agreement form, which will be available after your successful application on the Mobility-Online platform. Due to technical reasons, the Erasmus form has a slightly different structure than the Learning Agreements by the departments. You might have to fill out both forms. The departmental exchange coordinators can provide further information.

After your return

As soon as you have received your Transcript of Records, the certificate containing the courses you attended and grades you earned, from your host university, you can request the recognition and conversion of the credits you obtained abroad with the examination committee of your department. You will need:

  • Learning Agreement with the signature of your department at the University of Mannheim
  • Original Transcript of Records stamped and signed by your host institution or a transcript verified by the International Office in Mannheim. For this purpose, the host university must send the document digitally to the address The verified transcript will then be made available digitally to the examination committee and you will be notified of this. If your host institution issues transcripts exclusively through an online portal and it is NOT possible to have your transcript sent directly to us through the portal, please inform us at  and we will let you know how to have your transcript verified.
  • confirmation of the submission of the report (available for download on the Mobility-Online platform).
  • Depending on the department you may also need a form for the request for recognition. On this form, you can list the credits you want to have recognized.

Conversion of grades

The examination committees of the departments work with standardized tables. The conversion tables for grades from coursework and examinations completed abroad can be found in ILIAS.

During my semester abroad in Rome, I had the opportunity to take courses from other related fields of study. I was able to learn many new things and expand my spectrum of interests. Right from the start, the partner university organized many events for exchange students. This made it easy to find friends and get to know and love the Italian way of life. I came to know the city, the people and their mindset more intensely than it would have been possible without this semester abroad.


Milena Gropp, student in the bachelor’s program in Political Science, LUISS Guido Carli, Rome (Italy) / Credit: Elisa Berdica


In case of any specific questions regarding course selection and recognition, your departmental exchange coordinators are happy to help.