5 Sportstipendiat*innen der Uni Mannheim, die an den Olympischen Spielen in Paris teilnehmen wollen. Im Hintergrund sind die Olympischen Ringe zu sehen.

10 Quick Warm-up Questions to ...

Sonja Zimmermann

In which discipline are you competing in Paris?

Field hockey.

And what is your top discipline here at the university?

The bachelor’s program in Culture and Economy with Romance Studies as a core subject.

How did you get into field hockey?

I turned on the TV in 2004 and saw how the German women won gold.

When did you start preparing for the 2024 Olympics?

Since the Olympics 2021.

Gold medal or is being there everything?


University and the Olympics – how does this go together?

It works if you sacrifice a lot for sports and for university. You have to set clear priorities, but above all, it’s still about having fun. As long as you have fun, get some support and don't lose sight of your goals, everything comes together quite well.

And when it's not the Olympics, how do elite sports and university go together?

It is relatively easy to combine elite sports and being a student. That's because you're quite flexible as a student. In addition, organizations such as the Elite Sports Scholarship are very supportive! In my opinion, however, there is room for improvement in terms of financial support, especially if you want to pursue a longterm-career as an athlete ...

Is there some downtime left?

It's all a question of timing. Yes, there is some downtime left. You just need to coordinate your training and competition schedule cleverly.

What is more stressful for you: A competition or an examination?

At the moment, definitely competitions. I'm currently playing two games a week and have been training non-stop for ages. But that is of course due to the goal of participating in the Olympics. That's why I've greatly minimized the number of courses I take at university – I want to focus on the Olympics as much as possible.

When can we cheer you on and keep our fingers crossed for you?

At ProLeague games with Germany, which take place throughout the year, and, hopefully, at the Olympic Games in Paris this year.

Our fingers are crossed – we hope we can cheer you and the field hockey ladies on in Paris!