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Student Organizations in the Field of Arts, Culture, and Leisure

The University of Mannheim has more than 50 student organizations covering various topics and representing a vast range of topics from politics, society, to career prospects, culture and leisure. On this website, you can learn more about the student organizations in the field of arts, culture, and leisure.

  • Overview of all student organizations

  • Artes Liberales e.V.

    Artes Liberales is an association that supports students of the Humanities and Social Sciences and, through the presentation series, Wohin-denn-ich?, helps them to find an internship or job, among other things. In addition to presentations and workshops on various topics such as cultural management, the group organizes trips to cultural events. Once a year, the organization, in partnership with ABSOLVENTUM, awards excellent bachelor’s and master’s theses with the Artes-Liberales-ABSOLVENTUM prize. Members of the organization can gain experience in project management, fundraising, and public relations, and meet new people at the same time.

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  • Amnesty International Hochschulgruppe 1388 Mannheim

    Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization which fights violations of human rights around the world. Students of the higher education institutions in Mannheim can join group 1388 which is part of the Amnesty network, and is involved in global campaigns. Each semester, the group decides on the areas in which it wants to raise awareness, and organizes campaigns, petitions, and displays.

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  • Bai Ganyo e.V.

    Bai Ganyo is a student organization that centers on the Bulgarian culture. It uses dance, sport, and art to provide an insight into the country’s traditions and history. Through its own mentoring program, the organization supports international first-year students and helps them to settle into life at the University of Mannheim quickly.

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  • Enactus Mannheim e.V.

    Enactus has over 70,000 members worldwide, and is committed to nonprofit projects. The organization aims to find sustainable, lasting solutions to challenges in society using innovative ideas and entrepreneurial action. The range of projects available gives everyone the chance to contribute their ideas, take on responsibility, and work on developing solutions. The ReSoil project, for example, is helping small farm owners in Uganda to improve their diet and income by using soil which is particularly rich in nutrients.

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  • VISUM e.V.

    VISUM, the “Verein Internationaler Studentenpatenschaften an der Universität Mannheim e.V.”, is an organization which tries to make arriving in Mannheim less stressful for international students. Through its buddy program, VISUM establishes tandems with students local to Mannheim and new exchange students. It also regularly hosts events that encourage cultural exchange. As a member of VISUM, you have the opportunity to get to know students from different cultures and make friends from all over the world.

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  • Infinity Mannheim e.V.

    Infinity Mannheim is committed to raising awareness about sustainability. In addition to presentations and workshops on sustainability, Infinity also organizes courses in which members can develop their skills, such as courses on rhetoric and Photoshop.

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  • MaXperience e.V.

    MaXperience organizes the annual TEDxUniMannheim event as well as other workshops. TED, or Technology, Entertainment, Design, is an event concept from the US which provides a platform for ideas worth spreading. Short presentations are designed to inspire people and make new ideas accessible to them. TEDxUniMannheim take place every September. Artists, entrepreneurs and scholars are invited to the event to present new or unique ideas. You can also find the presentations from the event on YouTube.

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  • Nice to meet you Mannheim

    Nice to meet you Mannheim supports refugees in the city. The organization helps refugees to integrate into society. It also works to remove prejudices and reservations between refugees and the other citizens of Mannheim by providing extra tuition, and organizing barbecues and sports activities.

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    An important project of the organization is “Müttersprache”. It offers free German lessons to women with a migratory background. The aim is to prepare the participants for the B1 German certificate. To ensure that also mothers can join the lessons without problems, the initiative organizes parallel childcare. Here, the children can discover the German language in a playful atmosphere.

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  • ROCK YOUR LIFE! Mannheim e.V.

    Members of ROCK YOUR LIFE! mentor pupils as they transition from school to the workplace. Alternatively, members can get involved with the administrative side of the organization and contribute, for example, to developing its marketing strategy. The overall aim of the organization is to develop and promote educational equality.

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  • UNICEF Hochschulgruppe Mannheim

    Members of the UNICEF Hochschulgruppe support UNICEF’s work around the world. The organization is committed to improving the rights of children, including the right to education and equal opportunities. By hosting events such as the annual Hochschullauf (a mini marathon at the university), Christmas activities, and presentations, the organization is able to draw attention to UNICEF projects and actively support them by collecting financial donations.

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  • vinUM Mannheim

    vinUM is a student organization that treats wine as a cultural object, and organizes events on wine from the region surrounding Mannheim. Members can learn all about wine in general, and the wines of the region by participating in excursions to wineries and regional wine events. Students can get involved with event organization, communication, and the acquisition of sponsors.

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