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Student Organizations in the Field of Education

The University of Mannheim has more than 50 student organizations covering various topics and representing a vast range of topics from politics, society, to career prospects, culture and leisure. On this website, you can learn more about the student organizations in the field of education.

  • Overview of all student organizations

  • Asia-Pacific Management Club

    The Asia-Pacific Management Club e.V. (APMC) was founded in September 2021 with the aim of building bridges between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region while simultaneously creating a network of like-minded individuals. The focus is on promoting career opportunities for students through the organisation of professional events with business experts and fostering cultural exchange through social events. Members not only develop an understanding of various cultures but also actively contribute to building bridges between them. The APMC provides a vibrant community that allows students to celebrate their cultural diversity and discover new perspectives. Additionally, the initiative collaborates closely with non-profit organisations on joint projects.

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  • KinderHelden Hochschulgruppe

    KinderHelden helps children of elementary school age to improve their self-confidence and their learning abilities. Through the collaborative project, Uni-Cleverlinge2, school pupils are paired up with students from all subject areas. The mentors learn with the children, and do activities with them in groups, such as baking Christmas cookies or looking for Easter eggs.

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  • Leselernhelfer Mannheim e.V.

    Members of the Lernleserhelfer organization volunteer at elementary schools in Mannheim to teach disadvantaged children to read. Being able to read well is extremely important for both everyday and working life. The organization’s mentoring program provides each child with supervision that is tailored to his or her needs. Each mentor meets up with their mentee to read for at least an hour every week.

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  • Mannheimer Forum Accounting & Taxation e.V.

    The MaFAT student club is the only student organization active in the fields of tax and accounting. Its main activities include workshops, presentations, and informal meetings with partner companies. The club aims to share the academic and practical experiences and opportunities on offer in these fields with its members, and create a network of students, scholars and practitioners. It also plans social events, excursions, and monthly discussions.

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  • Mannheim Investment Club e.V. (MIC)

    The MIC wants to make students enthusiastic about topics relating to finance. By completing the Junior Analyst training, which begins each fall semester, members learn how to make good investment decisions, develop an understanding of financial markets, and carry out their own competitor analyses. The club also organizes training sessions, presentations, and workshops with companies as well as social events.

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  • MaXperience e.V.

    MaXperience organizes the annual TEDxUniMannheim event as well as other workshops. TED, or Technology, Entertainment, Design, is an event concept from the US which provides a platform for ideas worth spreading. Short presentations are designed to inspire people and make new ideas accessible to them. TEDxUniMannheim take place every September. Artists, entrepreneurs and scholars are invited to the event to present new or unique ideas. You can also find the presentations from the event on YouTube.

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  • Q-Summit an der Universität Mannheim e.V.

    The Q-Summit is a conference on entrepreneurship and innovation which is organized by students. The two-and-a-half day conference attracts over 500 visitors and features pitch battles, workshops, panel discussions and a start-up village. Our members can get involved with the conference by developing the event concept, providing IT support, finding speakers and sponsors, and organizing and marketing the event.

    Be inspiring. Be Q.

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  • ROCK YOUR LIFE! Mannheim e.V.

    Members of ROCK YOUR LIFE! mentor pupils as they transition from school to the workplace. Alternatively, members can get involved with the administrative side of the organization and contribute, for example, to developing its marketing strategy. The overall aim of the organization is to develop and promote educational equality.

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  • Studenten bilden Schüler

    Studenten bilden Schüler is a national organization which supports children from low-income families by providing private tuition free of charge. Students meet with school pupils each week to give them extra support in subjects that they find difficult. All of the tutors meet up two to three times per semester to share ideas and plan new projects.

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  • Studenteninitiative für Kinder e.V.

    The Studenteninitiative für Kinder is a charitable organization which helps disadvantaged children to improve their grades at school and their career prospects for later life. Members of the organization support children and young adults by providing private one-on-one tuition free of charge. Each student tutors a child for one hour every week.

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  • Students' Association for Data Analytics & Statistics (STADS) e.V.

    The Students' Association for Data Analytics & Statistics (STADS) e.V. addresses students in university programs with a quantitative background who are interested in data science. STADS imparts knowledge in statistical programming languages and promotes its members' presentation and project management skills. Moreover, STADS participates in competitions and organizes specialist lectures on topics such as data science, and machine learning. STADS members who already have advanced skills advise public institutions, companies, and other university departments on statistical issues.

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  • Legal Tech Community

    “LTC” – the Legal Tech Community Mannheim is at the interface between computer science, economics, and law. The initiative aims at continually analyzing these interdisciplinary topics – with speakers from professional practice, the academic world, and members of the university. Topics are, for example, project management, crypto currencies, cyber security, using technologies in law or the legal framework for programming projects.

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