Training Abroad

How do chairs at institutions abroad manage their projects? How do they use their external funding? Which research methods do they use? As the international links within the research community grow, it makes sense for researchers to gather new ideas and tips for their own work at an institution abroad. That’s why the University of Mannheim enables its staff members to participate in the ERASMUS+ program and receive training at a European partner institution. These training placements are part of the university’s internationalization strategy and are designed to advance mobility and international exchange in research, administration and teaching.

Placements can be arranged in different ways. They can be organized individually in the form of job shadowing or workshops, for example, or as part of a staff week, a structured program organized by a partner university. You can spend time abroad at one of the University of Mannheim’s ERASMUS partner universities, or at another European higher education institution that participates in the ERASMUS+ program.

If you are interested in completing a training placement abroad, please contact Ms. Bach.

Teaching Abroad

By undertaking an ERASMUS+ teaching or training placement, researchers from the University of Mannheim can, for example, gain experience at a European partner university, share approaches and content with international colleagues, and take good ideas back home with them.


Kerstin Bach

Kerstin Bach (she/her)

Erasmus Institutional Coordinator / Erasmus Staff Exchange / Study Abroad and Bilateral Agreements (France, Italy, Switzerland)
Available Monday-Thursday, working from home every Monday and Thursday; available only via E-Mail on these days.
University of Mannheim
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International Office
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