Zero Tolerance for Harassment

In the upcoming days and weeks, the University of Mannheim will take a stand against violence and harassment.


Take advantage of the counseling services offered by the university contact persons in cases of sexual harassment, psychological or physical violence against people of all genders and sexual orientation. Our counselors will help you if in case issues relating to sexual harassment or discrimination arise.

News signs in the sanitary facilities, posters and postcards of the initiative „Zieh einen Schlussstrich“ (“draw a line”) are a clear statement of a culture of tolerance on campus.  

In the days around 25 November 2021, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, interesting digital events will take place around Mannheim and throughout Germany. For an overview on the events, please go to the website that we have specifically created for this purpose.

What to do in case something has happened Overviews of regional and national contact points, useful information and materials will help you find your way around. Visit the recorded lectures by Tanja Kramper, managing director of the Kommunale Kriminalprävention Rhein-Neckar e.V. on the subject of “Sicher Unterwegs – Gewalt gegen Frauen im öffentlichen Raum” (be safe when out and about – violence against women in the public sphere) and “Cyberbullying”.