Opening of the ENGAGE.EU annual conference 2021

„You can‘t imagine the amount of happiness to see you – finally we meet in person.“

With those joyful words, Prof. Thomas Puhl, President of the University of Mannheim, opened the first ENGAGE.EU annual conference 2021. Today we want to celebrate this alliance of seven european universities with our partners who have come from all over Europe.

But the focus is not only on celebrating, but also on discourse and questions about societal challenges: Climate change, Euroscepticism, digitalisation and migration were just some of the topics eagerly discussed by the speakers.

 In his keynote speech, Lars-Hernik Paarup Michelsen, Director of the Norwegian Climate Foundation, warned forcefully about the consequences of climate change and elaborated further in the following panel discussion with Theo Weterings, Clémentine Bories and Sandro Mochan. Finally, Wim van de Donk, Dirk Simons and Peter van der Hijden answered critical questions on the status quo of the European University from moderator Johanna Rosenbusch.

We look forward to further exchange and are excited about the future bridges we will build.