“Our Voice for Diversity – 365 Days a Year” – German Diversity Day 2024

The twelfth German Diversity Day will take place on 28 May 2024. Under the hashtag #DDT24, organizations are called upon to launch campaigns that promote diversity in the workplace. At the University of Mannheim, the Department of Equal Opportunity and Social Diversity constantly raises awareness of diversity issues in everyday life and in the working world and offers advice and support services.

The German Diversity Day (DDT) was launched in 2012 by the “Diversity Charter” initiative to promote the recognition, appreciation, and inclusion of diversity in the world of work. Since then, this day has been celebrated annually in May, the European Diversity Month. This year's motto is “Our voice for diversity – 365 days a year”.

The University of Mannheim is committed to the intersectional promotion of diversity. The Diversity Quiz (in German, the English version will be available shortly) from the “Diversity Charter” initiative is an entertaining way for employees to deepen their understanding of diversity in everyday and professional life. The main goal is to continuously develop the university as a place of diversity and respect, to actively combat discrimination, and to promote diversity.

One milestone in this field was the “Shaping diversity” audit, completed in March 2024, in which employees and students developed a comprehensive catalog of measures to make the university a more diversity-sensitive place. A central component of the catalog was the creation of a website on diversity, which bundles information, advisory services, support, news and events relating to diversity.

Despite the progress made, diversity remains an ongoing process. To make further progress, a “round table” will be established which is open to all those interested. The participants of the “round table” can discuss ideas and suggestions to further promote diversity at the university.

Please note: If you have any questions about conflicts, sexual harassment or discrimination, the contact persons listed on the university website are available.