A visit to the X-Labs at LUISS University Rome

A unique experience for students at ENGAGE.EU: Friederike and Melanie tell about their research stay at LUISS University.

Within the scope of ENGAGE.EU, we, Friederike and Melanie, were able to participate in a truly unique project: The X-Labs at LUISS University in Rome.

The X-Labs are a class within the Master’s program in Law, Digital Innovation and Sustainability at LUISS, where private and public institutions set out challenges for students to find innovative, sustainable solutions for different aspects of society. We joined the group “The Future of Cities and Regions” with the challenge of how a collaborative platform can foster local communities' entrepreneurship for the sustainable development of urban vulnerable neighborhoods. Within six weeks of online participation, we were able to meet and work with truly inspiring people, learn more about their culture and working methods, and develop a very innovative project together. As students of the Master's program in Political Science at the University of Mannheim, we were able to engage in the interdisciplinary topic of our team challenge and contribute our perspectives and knowledge as well as learn from our team members.

ENGAGE.EU provided us with great support and advice throughout the entire process and even made it possible for us to participate in the final pitch of our project in Rome on May 5th. We presented our project on stage and in front of many potential investors, a jury of experts, professors as well as the other competing teams. The in-person presentation was incredibly exciting, and we were able to not only get great feedback on our performance and the final solution to the Challenge proposal, but also meet and share ideas with everyone involved in the projects. We learned a lot and even discovered a new interest in urban planning and smart cities, along with having valuable practical experience. Many thanks to ENGAGE.EU for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Friederike Quint and Melanie Backes