Successful launch of the ENGAGE.EU Local Learner Chapter

In fall 2023, the ENGAGE.EU Local Learner Chapters celebrated their premiere as a multifaceted semester program for students interested in Europe.

The multifaceted semester program aims to provide knowledge about current challenges in Europe and give an insight into the different countries of the ENGAGE.EU partner universities as well as their culture and languages.

Students interested in Europe had the opportunity to take part in a variety of face-to-face events, including lectures, workshops and country evenings. Representatives from the business world, students and lecturers gave short presentations on European challenges. In addition, the countries and cultures of the ENGAGE.EU partner universities were presented in interactive formats.

The topics of the event series were numerous. A lecture on the dynamics of European integration by Prof. König, a leading expert in this field, provided students with insights into current developments and answered numerous questions. An SAP workshop enabled participants to work in small groups with a climate simulator and discuss environmental issues in depth. It was particularly fascinating for the participants to observe the quantifiability of the impact of various measures to reduce global warming using the simulator.

Another highlight was the first-hand insights into partner countries. Students who come from or have lived in these countries shared their personal experiences and offered not only linguistic challenges, but also exciting insights into everything from Finnish geography to the Bulgarian tradition of kukeri.

The ENGAGE.EU Local Learner Chapters thus celebrated a successful first semester and left a lasting impression on the participants.