Spring plenary session of the Junge Akademie

Schloss Ostflügel

The fifty members of Die Junge Akademie meet three times a year in alternating cities for the spring plenary session. This year's spring plenary session takes place in Mannheim.

The Junge Akademie's Spring Plenum is one of three annual meetings at which the 50 members from various scientific disciplines and the arts come together to explore the opportunities and challenges of interdisciplinary work. The aim is to promote a dialog between science, art and society and to provide impetus for science policy discussions. The Junge Akademie was founded in 2000 as the first academy for outstanding young scientists. The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina are the supporting institutions.

The event is aimed at members of the Junge Akademie. Further information on the Junge Akademie can be found here.