Your creativity is requested for the international day of families

Every family is unique, colorful and diverse. We want to use the International Day of Families, annualy held on 15. May, to invite all families of the University of Mannheim to share a creative family portrayal with us.

There is a template for you to personalize – feel free to draw, print, cut, scribble, glue and craft. We unvite you and your family to unleash your creativity.

You can send your personal piece of art as a photo file to until the 4. Juni 21.
By submitting your artwork you agree to the privacy policy and automatically agree to the publication on our website.

We will present all photos in an exhibition on our website.  We look forward to your active participation and we are very excited to get to know the families at the University of Mannheim.  

We also have quiz especially for familes to engage with each other. What everybodys favourite on the dinner table? What is the big sister dreaming of and what is planned for the next family adventure?

Have fun playing, crafting and creating and enjoy some quality family time!


For fathers-to-be, we would like to remind you of the BARMER online offer: “Don`t worry, be Daddy”. On 18.06.2021 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., a midwife will be exclusively available to expectant fathers for an information and question session. Interested fathers can register here.