Internship and Master Thesis Opportunity in Cooperation with Mercedes-Benz AG

Decarbonization of Retail Network

MISES is excited to offer master thesis opportunities in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz AG. These theses will focus on the carbon footprint (Scope 3 emissions) of Mercedes-Benz's global dealership network. Potential topics include:

  • CO2 Measurement and Reporting
  • Decarbonization Pathways
  • The Role of Carbon Offsets
  • Affecting Scope 3 Emissions through Third-Party Entities

If you are interested in writing your master thesis in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz AG and are intrigued by any of these topics, please indicate your preference on the application form.

You can also do an internship with Mercedes-Benz AG. If you are interested please send your application to Yvonne Münch.