Katrin Gschwind at the Transatlantic Climate Conversations

MISES researcher Katrin Gschwind was speaking at the Transatlantic Climate Conversations hosted by Brandeis University in cooperation with the Universität Mannheim on the topic ‘Energy Systems: When Ocean Meets Public Transport’.
In the Transatlantic Climate Conversations, scholars on both sides of the Atlantic engage with each other informally to learn from each other and discuss ongoing questions about how we must address the climate and sustainability crisis.
In the second Transatlantic Climate Conversation, Katrin was talking to Sally Warner, a physical oceanographer at Brandeis University, who studies how water moves and mixes in the ocean. Katrin and Sally talked about the role of the ocean in climate change research, as the ocean is a gigantic energy system, which influences and is influenced by climate change. The two researchers also discussed the role of zero-emission public transport in mitigating the climate crisis, and which drivetrain technology will be economically most suitable: Are electric buses sufficient to cover the whole demand, or are hydrogen buses more suitable for some routes?
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