Photo credit: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg

New Website on the University’s Sustainability Strategy

The University of Mannheim has launched a new website to inform readers of its ongoing and future sustainability measures. In addition to information on research projects, student commitment and cooperation projects with external institutions, you will learn more about the working group on sustainability that was founded in the spring and the progress it has made.

The website will be the primary source of information on the University of Mannheim’s sustainability commitment and will provide information about the goals, focus and progress of the working group on “Sustainability at the University of Mannheim”. Starting now, we will regularly publish updates on the results of the working group’s meetings.

In addition, the website informs about ongoing measures and future (saving) projects of the university and presents selected research projects and focus areas related to sustainability. It also offers an overview on student initiatives and cooperation projects with external institutions where the university and its students are working on sustainability and environment protection.

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