New Online Form for Uni-IDs and Function IDs

On the user administration website, a new online form for requesting, renewing and changing Uni-IDs and function IDs is available.

Specifically, the following processes can be initiated via this form.

  1. “Apply for a new Uni-ID”: You can apply for a new Uni-ID for externals or guests.
  2. “Request a new function ID”: You can request IDs for shared accounts and/or File Services.
  3. “Renew/change Uni-ID or function ID”: You can request renewals and/or changes to a Uni-ID or function ID.

The form must be downloaded, printed and signed after it has been saved. Please send the signed application by e-mail.

Please note: The form above is used to apply for a Uni-ID for externals and guests. New employees will receive their personal Uni-ID automatically.

You can also find the relevant information here.