Public Panel Discussion on “Open Science”

From 26 to 30 September, the Trifels Summer School on Open Science will take place. The Summer School is part of a long-term series of events and, this year, hosted by the University of Mannheim. On Thursday, 29 September, all those interested are invited to the “Trifelser Gespräch”, a panel discussion in the Kurhaus Trifels in Annweiler. Although the Trifels Summer School is in English, the panel discussion will be in German. Experts from the fields of academia, industry, and politics talk about addressing global crises with Open Science and about openness and transparency in academia (“Mit Open Science globalen Krisen begegnen – Offenheit und Transparenz in der Wissenschaft”).

Open Science means that research results, e.g., publications, but also intermediate stages such as research data or research software are made available and that transparent and reproducible practices are used throughout the research process. At the Trifelser Gespräch, the participants will discuss what this means for research, industry, and the public. The panelists are Dr. Rima-Maria Rahal (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn), Philipp Schmid zum Berge (External R&D Cooperations Manager, Continental) and Professor Dr. Konrad Wolf (former Minister of Research and Culture in the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate). Professor Dr. Konrad Förstner, (co-host of the “Open Science Radio” podcast) will host the panel discussion. If you want to learn more about Open Science, you are welcome to attend the panel discussion at the Kurhaus Trifels in Annweiler. Participating in the Trifelser Gespräch is free of charge. The event starts at 7:30 pm, admission from 7 pm.

More information can be found here (in German):