Prof. Karin Hoisl of the University of Mannheim Receives Funding of the Volkswagen Foundation Worth EUR 630,000

The professor for business administration receives grant for research on the digital transformation of businesses.

Karin Hoisl, professor at the Chair of Organization and Innovation, is awarded the renowned Momentum funding of the Volkswagen Foundation. In the course of the next five years, she will receive EUR 630,000 for her research project “Organizational design for digital transformation”. Prof. Hoisl conducts the research project in order to understand the digitalization of businesses and to develop a general theory.

The research findings are highly relevant for business practice, because a digital transformation makes businesses more competitive and helps them to survive, as they quickly adapt to changes and use large data volumes (so-called big data). Although most businesses understand the predictive power of big data volumes by now, they have not transformed to data-driven organizations yet. Using big data allows for innovative business models. However, the businesses are facing huge challenges, as they need to renew internal structures and hierarchies, access new resources and change their business culture.

The main research interests of Prof. Hoisl are in the areas of knowledge management, organizational innovation, women in STEM jobs and staff mobility. Her research was already published in various scientific magazines, such as Management Science or the Strategic Management Journal. 

The “Momentum – Funding for Recently Tenured Professors” of the Volkswagen Foundation was established in 2017. It is a five-year fellowship that aims at recently tenured professors. Each ear, about eight recently tenured professors in all areas of research at Germany universities are funded by this initiative.

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