Tandem Fellowship for Innovations in Teaching for Professor Hiram Kümper and Viktor Boecking

Professor Hiram Kümper (Professorship of History of the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age) and Viktor Boecking (Mannheim University Library) receive a fellowship of the Stifterverband Baden-Württemberg in the amount of approx. 40,000 euros for a virtual teaching project.

In the project on cultural heritage and immersive learning in three-dimensional rooms (“Kulturerbe hands-on: Immersives Lernen in dreidimensionalen Räumen“), Kümper and Boecking want to create virtual contents which help to discover remote resources that are difficult to access or not accessible at all for teaching practice.The two researchers in the field of history want to make learning hands-on and use virtual and augmented reality tools to make inaccessible depots and archives in museums accessible to researchers and students for research purposes. By using virtual reality glasses in the University Library’s ExpLAB, an innovative room for teaching and learning, new seminar designs for various disciplines can be developed.

The Stifterverband’s fellowships for innovations in teaching and support programs for virtual teaching at higher education institutions aim to further develop virtual teaching at higher eduction institutions, even after the pandemic.