The alumni program of TU Berlin receives the Hans Raffée Alumni Networking Prize

The alumni program of TU Berlin receives the prize worth 10,000 euros for a career week designed for international early-career researchers. The prize is awarded in memoriam of Hans Raffée, Professor of Marketing at the University of Mannheim.

This year, the Hans Raffée Alumni Networking Prize, which was created in memory of the Mannheim Professor Hans Raffée, who died in 2021, was awarded for the first time. At the Universitätstag, President Professor Thomas Puhl and Professor Peter Frankenberg, chair of the Heinrich Vetter Foundation, which sponsors the prize together with ABSOLVENTUM, Freunde der Universität Mannheim, and the Karin and Carl Esser foundation, awarded the prize to the alumni program of TU Berlin. The Berlin network received the prize and the prize money in the amount of 10,000 euros for organizing a career week for international early-stage researchers. The jury honored this measure in particular with regard to the shortage of skilled workers.