University of Mannheim Is Part of the National Research Hub Neuroethics

The aim of the new Research Hub Neuroethics (RHUNE) is to create and promote a strong and sustainable network for neuroethics research in Germany and to increase the visibility of German neuroethics research internationally. Mannheim researcher Philipp Kellmeyer contributes to the establishment of the innovative, collaborative project.

Neuroethics deals with ethical questions of neurological research. The new network is intended to promote interdisciplinary exchange in this field, to support young scientists, and to create a contact point for non-academic stakeholders who are interested in neuroethical topics. During the next four years, the project partners – Forschungszentrum Jülich, Charité Berlin, the University of Mannheim as well as Fernuniversität Hagen – will organize conferences, workshops, and retreats for this purpose. Professor Dr. Kellmeyer from the Data and Web Science Group at the University of Mannheim is responsible for involving interest groups and the public in the project.

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