Yoga in the Schloss

Sport for the soul, mindfulness in the mundane—the Institute of Sports (IFS) is offering employees of the University of Mannheim a new series of yoga courses that take place right in the middle of the Schloss. Researchers and administrative staff will have the opportunity to take a break from their work for half an hour on three mornings each week and practice a mindful start to their day in the brightly lit ExpLAB in the Business Administration Library. “We deliberately scheduled the courses in the morning to give part-time employees the opportunity to participate. The idea behind it is clear: Take a break from the mundane and immerse yourself in mindfulness,” said Charlotte Werner, the institute's deputy director. Anyone can participate, including those with no yoga experience. “We offer a combination of classic hatha yoga and slower yin yoga; normal clothing is perfectly fine, and no one has to shower afterward,” Werner said, explaining the low-threshold concept. The IFS provides the equipment, and slots can be booked on short notice via the homepage, giving everyone the chance to check it out without committing to a weeks-long course.

Text: Jule Leger/May 2023

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