Gliding through the Water at Lightning Speed!

Sarah Brüßler still finds paddling for the win to be the best way to spend her free time. As a native of Kassel, she grew up on the river, and that is how her passion for canoe racing began back in 2006.  Since 2016, she has been the holder of a Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region Elite Student Athletes Scholarship at the University of Mannheim. After successfully completing her bachelor’s in psychology, the 28-year-old Brüßler is now studying for a master’s degree in the same subject, with a focus on work, the economy, and society. 
Alongside her successful studies, Brüßler can look back on outstanding athletic achievements: She participated in the Olympic Games in 2021, won the runner-up title in the K2 over 1,000 m, the U23 runner-up title in the K4 over 500 m, and numerous German Champion titles, all of which testify to the young canoeist’s talent. As a member of the current Olympic squad, Brüßler is now training hard for Paris 2024 and at the same time working on her master’s thesis, the topic of which could hardly be more appropriate to the author’s life: “Dual Career-Study and Elite Sports”.  

Text: Redaktion / October 2022