ABSOLVENTUM Around the World

Mannheim graduates will find fellow alumni all over the world. Our alumni network ABSOLVENTUM has over 7,600 members living in 49 countries. Regional group coordinators act as ambassadors for the members in their city or region. They are also the people to get in touch with if you would like to know more.

Daniel Pichler: Portugal

I’m originally from Porto and even though my studies took me to the University of Mannheim, my plan was always to start my career in Portugal. I want to gain experience here, build a network, and discover my country from a different perspective. Being close to my family is also a big plus. I love meeting up with other Mannheim alumni and, in my role as regional group coordinator, being able to show them my favorite city in Portugal. 

Christian Lamprecht: Singapur

Even after almost 20 years living in Asia, I still often think back fondly to my time studying in Mannheim. After graduating, I first moved to Hong Kong, then to Singapore and Beijing. I’m now back in Singapore working in financial consulting, which my degree in business administration at the University of Mannheim perfectly prepared me for. That’s why even today, I still want to give something back through my involvement in ABSOLVENTUM and as coordinator of the Singapore regional group. 

Timo Eberhard: Norway

Although I moved to Norway in 2021, I still feel a strong connection to the University of Mannheim, where I completed both my undergrad and postgrad studies. I’m a longstanding and enthusiastic ABSOLVENTUM member and in June 2022 became coordinator of the Oslo regional group. I hope the group will offer Mannheim alumni living in Oslo and other Norwegian cities, no matter what subject they studied, opportunities for networking and some scintillating debates and discussions. I’d also be happy to talk with any current Mannheim students who’d be interested in studying abroad in Norway for part of their degree. 

Text: Redaktion / October 2022