New Certificate Program “Studium Oecologicum”

As of the fall semester 2022, students of the University of Mannheim can obtain a free certificate as part of the Studium Oecologicum. With presentations and workshops, the program offers a holistic approach to sustainability across all schools and semesters.

With the Studium Oecologicum, the University of Mannheim takes the importance of sustainability into account and brings students from all disciplines together to discuss the topic. “The program enables students from all disciplines to receive an in-depth introduction to sustainability, in addition to their subject-specific program”, says Professor Dr. Annette Kehnel, Vice President for Student Affairs and Teaching. 

The Studium Oecologicum is open to all bachelor’s and master’s students of the University of Mannheim, irrespective of their study progress. It is part of Studium Generale. For the start of the program in September, 20 students will be admitted. No prior knowledge is required. The certificate is for students of all semesters, so that students have time until the end of their studies to complete the coursework required to earn 6 ECTS credits. In addition to courses and workshops, the program also includes presentations and field trips. In the fall semester, participants can go to the AStA lecture series on climate change or join the guided nature walk along the Rhine: “Rhine water – drinking water?” Students at the School of Humanities and the School of Social Sciences can have social skills courses in the field of sustainability recognized for their Studium Oecologicum certificate. 

For more information, please go to the website of the Studium Oecologicum.

Text: Redaktion / October 2022