Awards for Teaching Excellence

Each year, at the Universitätstag celebration, the University of Mannheim recognizes outstanding achievements in teaching. Prizes are awarded to teachers (both tenured professors and postdoc researchers) who received exceptional student evaluations, incorporated examples from real-world practice into their teaching, demonstrated great personal commitment, and/or deployed a diverse range of teaching methods. The prize winners regularly go above and beyond to motivate their students and help them achieve great results. 

This year, the University of Mannheim Teaching Award was conferred on four winners: Professor Philipp Gassert, Professor Karin Hoisl, Dr. Lena Nadarevic, and Dr. Conrad Waldkirch. The winners incorporate real-world practice into their teaching, demonstrate great commitment, and deploy a diverse range of teaching methods.  

Professor Philipp Gassert is Chair of Contemporary History in the Department of History. Alongside his longstanding involvement in the School of Humanities’ activities, he delivers innovative and varied lessons. At the start of the pandemic, Gassertdeveloped a new digital teaching format that removed geographic barriers and gave all students, including those living abroad, the flexibility to access learning content in a way that suited their own personal schedules and circumstances. 

Dr. Lena Nadarevic, fromthe area of Cognitive Psychology and Differential Psychology, is being recognized for the teaching model she developed for her psychology seminar. The model is based on a basic standardized schema, which she then fleshes out with specific teaching content and methods to make each class stimulating and informative. Her goal is to use the right approaches to awaken students’ interest in the topics and so encourage them to engage in self-directed learning. 

Professor Karin Hoisl is Chair of Organization and Innovation. She received the award for her personal supervision and mentoring of students. Hoisl incorporates recent case studies and engaging, interactive guest lectures into her teaching. Her department also offers helpful, well-organized online learning content. 

Dr. Conrad Waldkirch is a senior researcher in the area of Private Law, Insurance Law, Business Law, and Comparative Law. Conrad is held in great esteem as a teacher and colleague by his students and fellow department members. His exceptional commitment is evident in his study groups and lectures, the additional classes he offers, and his involvement in student events. 

Text: Luisa Gebhardt / October 2022