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Grant for Participation

Scientific Event within Germany

All those who have been accepted as doctoral candidates at the University of Mannheim can apply for a grant for participation for a scientific event within Germany. Funding is granted per person and calendar year.

Grants can be applied for the following purposes

  • active participation in a conference within Germany (talk or poster presentation),
  • active participation in a summer school/workshop within Germany.

Please note: Traveling to conferences, summer schools or workshops abroad can be funded by IDEUM.

Type and amount of funding

Grant up to a maximum amount of 250 Euro for travel expenses covering the costs that have been actually incurred and can be proven. Grants will be paid upon presenting the travel expense report.

If necessary, you can apply for an advance payment prior to your journey.

Application and funding procedure

Please complete the application form and send it together with your attachments by e-mail to Division I (contact details please see below). After we have checked your application, we will send you the confirmation of funding by e-mail. You can then submit your business travel authorization form to Division V (Travel Expenses Department).

Please collect all the relevant receipts for your business travel expense report during your travels. After your return, please submit all receipts together with your travel expense report to Division V (Travel Expenses Department). You will receive your grant afterwards.

Deadline for submitting the application

Please submit your application at least three weeks before the start of your trip.


Nadine Bradt, M.A.

Nadine Bradt, M.A.

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