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Researchers from the University of Mannheim are highly regarded interview partners for the national and international Media. This site provides an overview of newspaper articles, and radio and TV reports that have been published online, and is updated daily.

Digital Markets Act
The EU Parliament wants to take tougher action against companies like Apple, Meta and Amazon with the help of the Digital Markets Act. Economics professor Martin Peitz participated in a discussion regarding the implementation of the law at the EU Parliament. (Between 10:20 a.m. and 10:37 a.m)
Germany has one of the most outdated laws on fertility
Jochen Taupitz, expert on health law and medical ethics at the University of Mannheim, comments in an article by Deutsche Welle on the access to reproductive medicine, which has long been available in many other countries.
Subsidy feud with farmers unresolved
Political scientist Prof. Dr. Thomas König comments on the farmers' protests in an interview with the news portal Euractiv.
AfD voters unmoved by protest wave
In a Yahoo News article, political scientist Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck talks about the impact of the protests on AfD supporters.
Porträtbild von Professor Moritz Kuhn. Er trägt ein Hemd und eine Brille.
Doubts about climate money
The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reports on a study by Mannheim economist Prof. Moritz Kuhn, which examines the impact of various climate protection ideas (paywall).
Are online meetings bad for our productivity?
In an interview with Aviation Analysis, psychologists Dr. Hadar Nesher Shoshan and Dr. Wilken Wehrt explain what impact online meetings have on us compared to face-to-face meetings.
“Anti-science populism already became a political mobilization tool”
Matthias Kohring, communication scientist, spoke with World Today News about political populism and the danger of not giving enough credit to science.
How can CO2 emissions be reduced?
In an interview with Brigitte, Professor Achim Wambach talks about CO2 emissions and emissions trading in Europe.
Three questions about financial education
Die Welt discusses a study by the IU International University on financial education and interviews Dr. Camela Aprea, a professor and holder of the chair of Economic and Business Education at the University of Mannheim.
How does the Arero Fund work?
In a podcast episode of Money-Mindset, Professor Martin Weber talks about the Arero fund, which he helped to develop, and gives investment advices.